Balloonzest Says NO to Balloon Releases

Watching balloons fly away in the sky is a delightful sight. It creates uplifting experience,serene feelings and powerful emotions. This is why launching balloons into the air is used at many events including memorial services, weddings and parties.

We do appreciate how balloon releases create powerful emotions, However, we are more concerned  of the negative impact  on the environment and wildlife. Because of these, we at Balloonzest DO NOT SUPPORT  BALLOON RELEASES.

What happens when balloons are released to the sky?

When balloons are released, they disappear but they float back down to earth,either whole or in pieces and the become ugly litter. Balloons are particularly dangerous pieces of litter. They can be mistaken for food by many species of wildlife or they can be entangled with the balloon strings. Considering these, we do not sell balloons to be used for balloon release.

We are just trying to do our part in taking care of the environment. Hope you take part too.

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