Remarkable Balloon Arches in South Yorkshire

At Balloonzest, we offer a range of balloon decorations including balloon characters, sculptures, arches, columns, and bouquets. Committed to adding colour and fun to any occasion, our company in South Yorkshire, creates a range of exciting designs, which are sure to impress.

Balloon Arches

Decorate your entrances, stage, dance floor, tables, and even cakes with one of our bold, beautiful balloon arches. Every arch will be fully customised according to your colour and style preferences. Guests at events find themselves drawn to the dance floor, which is enhanced by the presence of our magical archways.

Balloon Columns and Pedestals

Making for an excellent alternative to our balloon arches when defining an entrance, these columns are sure to add a splash of colour to your festivities. Meanwhile, the robust balloon pedestals we create as part of our services are perfect for marking out special areas.

Balloon Bouquets, Topiaries, and Centrepieces

Working exceptionally well as centrepieces, our attractive balloon arrangements feel right at home in a window display, or as part of a corner display. With an assortment of Qualatex™ bouquet arrangements to choose from, you are sure to find a style that matches your taste.

Fascinating Balloon Characters and Sculptures

Whether they're used in a party display or given as a fantastic gift, the balloon characters we create are full of life. For corporate décor and celebrations with a theme, the impressive sculptures we provide set a high bar for quality that will astonish and electrify your guests.

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